Earlier this season, Toronto Maple Leafs rookie Mitch Marner told TSN’s Kristen Shilton that when the team returns back to Toronto and has some spare time in between games and practices, he spends his time helping teammate Auston Matthews improve his Call of Duty skills.

As two of the younger players in the NHL, Matthews and Marner are pretty familiar with things like video games and social media, and they both like to kill some time by having fun with both.

In the past, Matthews has been known to leave a few chirps on his teammates’ photos. Sometimes he gets a little creative with them and uses the tags to chirp them.



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Well it turns out that Frederik Andersen is now involved in Matthews and Marner’s games, whether he wants to be part of them or not.

The duo decided to take to Frederik Andersen’s Instagram account to leave Call of Duty related comments on his latest post.


It turns out the trio has been the best of friends all season long, but were guessing Andersen’s Call of Duty skills are nowhere near Marner’s and Matthews’ and he just tends to walk headfirst into open space.


What an atmosphere!

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