If a former professional athlete’s child ends up going pro in the same sport they once earned a living playing, the child tends to live in their shadow until they pass them in career accomplishments and make their own name for themselves. 

Every professional athlete takes a different path to get to their final destination, and that includes the children of former professional athletes who end up becoming pros themselves.

Arizona Coyotes forward Max Domi was compared to his father, former Toronto Maple Leafs forward Tie Domi, for most of his life. After his first full month in the NHL, the comparisons stopped.

Max scored five goals in his first 11 games, including three goals in his first four games, and registered 11 points. That's when NHL fans knew that Max was nothing like his father on the ice. However, now that the one-ice comparisons have stopped, the off-ice comparisons have started.

Max takes a shot at his father’s patience and golf game in less than 20 seconds, so we can say their trash talking is on the same level. After all, Tie did register 3,515 penalty minutes in 1,020 games, so we’re going to take Max’s word on this one.

Athletes are always getting compared to each other, but when one professional athlete goes head-to-head with another one in something that isn’t the go-to sport for either one, trash talking is fair game from both sides and it appears that the golf course is where athletes get most of the trash talking taken care of.

(H/T Twitter/abc15sports