The fight that absolutely nobody thought was going to happen is only months away from happening. Honestly, we're just happy that we can now move on from talking about if Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will ever fight, to discussing what will possibly happen when they do.

Despite his recent success and title winning victories in the UFC, McGregor enters this bout very much as the underdog. People may not like Money Mayweather, but the man is simply a boxing icon. Even from a very young age the undefeated fighter showed that he had the abilities of someone who was ready to take on the world to sit on the throne as a generational boxing talent. Just look at his handspeed in this clip (skip to 1:40).

Mayweather's definitely lost a bit of that handspeed, as he's now 40 years old, but make no mistake, the man is still quick, and his defensive game is legendary. If McGregor is to win on August the 26th, he's going to need to bring his punching skills to a whole new level. Well, that or change the fight to a hockey fight...



What if McGregor & Mayweather decided on a hockey fight? 🤔🏒 . #ThumbLeague

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