Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid are two of the best players in the NHL. Matthews is the centerpiece of a Toronto Maple Leafs offence, while McDavid runs the show in another Canadian market, the Edmonton Oilers.

While they may be rivals during the NHL season, it’s clear that they’re determined to make each other better during the offseason. The two are working out in Arizona in preparation for the new season, and it’s clear neither has lost a beat.

In the first of two videos posted by CCM Hockey, Matthews is seen ripping off a shot with a release so quick you hardly even see it.

In the next video, McDavid is seen honing in on his own skill; skating.

Considering Matthews has one of the scariest shots in the league, and McDavid has the one of the most daunting sets of wheels in the league, these videos are enough to keep the rest of the league up at night.

Let the rest of the league catch up!

(H/T CCM Hockey)