Connor McDavid is an athlete that strives to be the best player in the world and players at the top of their game are always looking for a way to get an edge on the competitors.

In Canada, one thing that could offer players and teams an edge has just become a more realistic option. October 17th is the day that cannabis officially became legal in Canada and while most people might be initially view that as the recreational use among the general population, there are some studies that suggest it could be an alternative to more addictive drugs that are used to manage pain.

In that regard and specifically when talking about Cannabidiol (CBD), Connor McDavid is not sure if he’ll use it, but he definitely sees value in looking into the benefits. He spoke to the Associated Press’s Stephen Whyno about the potential benefits:

“I say this more talking about the CBD side of it, obviously: You’d be stupid not to at least look into it…

When your body’s sore like it is sometimes, you don’t want to be taking pain stuff and taking Advil all the time. There’s obviously better ways to do it. ... You’re seeing a lot of smart guys look into it. You’re seeing a lot of really smart doctors look into it.

If all the boxes are checked there and it’s safe and everything like that, then I think you would maybe hear them out.”

Obviously trends like this won’t happen right away, but if it starts to become a more popular alternative in the NHL then you might see more and more players choose this route.

Several former NHLers are already advocating for the alternative and you can follow along with how the NHL with adapt in TSN’s three-part series “Legalized”.