As gaming becomes more and more popular, both as a pastime and in the world of esports, there are certain games that immortalize further and further. There’s the old Nintendo 64 games, with pixelated graphics forever etched in some of our fondest memories, and then there’s games like Counter Strike and World of Warcraft that helped ingrain a whole new level of gaming landscape.

Then there’s Call of Duty, a series of games that has sold over 250 million copies, good for over $15 billion in USD. Whether it’s love or hate, most gamers will have ample memories about the series.

Now a major game in the world of esports with a forthcoming league in 2020, Canada welcomes its first Call of Duty franchise. Unveiled by OverActive Media in Toronto, meet the Toronto Ultra.



Here’s your roster:




  • Loony (Danny Loza - Venice, California)
  • Methodz (Anthony Zinni - Holmdel, New Jersey)
  • Brack (Carson Newberry - Johnson City, Tennessee)
  • Lucky (Alex López - Madrid, Spain)
  • MettalZ (Adrian Serrano - Barcelona, Spain)
  • CleanX (Tobi Jønsson - Ulstrup, Denmark)
  • Classic (Nick DiCostanzo - New York City, New York)
  • Cammy (Cammy McKilligan - Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Bance (Ben Bance - Plymouth, UK)
  • Mayhem (Mehran Anjomshoa - Toronto, Canada)


The team includes one Canadian, Toronto native Mahran Anjomshoa; also known as Mayhem. At an event in Toronto, the Ultra were officially unveiled:

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(H/T OverActive Media)