The MLB isn't expected to resume action any time soon but baseball mega agent Scott Boras still believes the league can complete a 166 game seasons before 2020 comes to an end.

Rob Manfred suspended play for two weeks as of March 12 and that period will likely be extended but even if it is, Boras believes the league year can still work IF... teams agree to push through the winter. Boras suggested to the Los Angeles Times two seasons: one which would have the league play 166 games starting June and another which would have it play 144 starting in July. Wild Card games would start on December 3rd and the World Series would take place from... wait for it... December 19-26!

Here's what he told the Los Angeles Times:

“Under the Boras plan, wild-card games would be played Dec. 3, the division series would be Dec. 5-9, the league championship series Dec. 11-17 and the World Series on Dec. 19-26.

There would be no days off in postseason series, and games would be played in Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego, Miami, Seattle, Arizona, Milwaukee, Toronto, Houston, St. Petersburg, Fla., and Arlington, Texas.

‘All the players I’m talking to want to play all the games, and we can map this out,’ Boras said. ‘We’re just trying to let [MLB] know we have the ability to do it, that there’s a logical way to do it.'”

Forget October... December would be where it's at! Imagine having baseball playoffs going on during the heart of the NHL, NFL and NBA seasons (assuming each league year sticks to schedule). It would suck for fans who wouldn't be able to see their team at home, but hey, at least we'd still have a 2020 world champion.

And no one in Canada is complaining about having games in Toronto either!



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We're sure more suggestions will be pouring in as the days go on without baseball. What are your thoughts on this proposal?