Monday night, the class of 2018 was officially inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and for many hockey fans, it was awesome to see Martin St. Louis get inducted.

St. Louis' path to the Hall of Fame was far from easy.  He was undersized and undrafted, but he never gave up and worked for all the success he earned over the course of his NHL career.

It was a special night for St. Louis to say the least and the Lightning made it even more special for him when some members of the team surprised him by showing up for his speech.

Steven Stamkos and company took a bus from Buffalo to Toronto to see St. Louis get inducted into the Hall of Fame and he had no clue they were coming, which made the moment even better.
Hockey is the ultimate team sport and the fact that some of his former teammates, his former coach, and members of the Lightning staff made the trip to be there for St. Louis on his special night tells you all you need to know about how much bigger the friendships are than the sport itself.
(H/T: Tampa Bay Lightning)