So how many people knew that a mentalist was actually a real thing and not something that was made up for a network television show?

Yes, a mentalist is someone who practices the performance art of mentalism which showcases highly developed intuitive abilities such as telepathy, mind control and precognition. Understanding the importance of having prognostication powers around March Madness time, ESPN invited a mentalist to their studio to take part in a fun demonstration that had just about everyone on set questioning reality.

Monday during the Tournament Challenge Marathon, mentalist Oz Pearlman had Mike Greenberg, Jalen Rose and Michelle Beadle participate in a little exercise. To start things off, Pearlman had Rose write down the score to any game of his choosing before asking Greenberg to guess. What happened next was...pretty freaky.


WHAAAAAAAAAAT! Now, Greenberg, Beadle and Rose all seem like people who would be pretty skeptical of things like mentalism, so we really don't think this was set up. But we really want to know what happened.

Rose and Greenberg both tweeted after the exercise and made it clear that it was not staged. 



So...real or fake?