One of the more iconic basketball photos out there stems back from the 2010-11 regular season when LeBron James joined the Miami Heat and made a “big-three” along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Shortly after the season started, a photographer snapped up this picture of Wade lobbying up a pass to James in a game against the Bucs, who slammed it down with authority. As LeBron is about to dunk, Wade threw up his hands in celebration mode as LeBron slammed the ball in the basket.

Toronto tattoo artist Steve Butcher is known in the tattoo community for his fantastic artwork that involves sports stars, and this one may be his best work yet. The artist tattooed the photo on the leg of a Heat superfan that took 21 hours according to Butcher’s Instagram.

The attention to detail is spectacular. Check out the jersey ripples, or the vein and muscles on Wade and LeBron’s arms. He even blurs out the background like you’d expect to see in any photo.

Make sure you check out Butcher’s Instagram page for more of his fantastic work. Here’s some of his best sports-related work:

(h/t Extra Mustard)