Technology is prevalent in sports now more than ever and because of technology, things like mic'd up moments have brought fans into the sport they love that much more.

Baseball, however, seems like the sport in which we don't always hear those conversations between an umpire and player or umpire and manager, for example.

So, if you ever wondered what a conversation like that sounded like, we're right there with you and we've got the answer.  On Tuesday, audio of a conversation between an umpire, Noah Syndergaard, and Mets manager at the time Terry Collins went viral and it was incredible.

(Warning: Video NSFW due to explicit language)

This clip was from a Dodges/Mets game in 2016 and the situation the umpire keeps referring to is the fact that Syndergaard threw behind Chase Utley, the guy who injured Ruben Tejada in the NLDS in 2015.

Syndergaard was obviously upset about being tossed, but upset would be the biggest understatement in the world if you were to use it to describe how Collins was feeling.

Safe to say we need way more of these moments because this one was incredible.

(H/T: @TigersJUK)