Michael Vick is still fast. Really, really fast.

The former QB put his speed to the test, as he and other NFL stars ran the infamous 40-yard dash as part of Rich Eisen’s ‘Run Rich Run’ charitable campaign. Most gunslingers at age 40 probably shouldn’t come close to crack five seconds in the sprint, but then there’s Vick, who’s out here posting times under 4.75.

4.72 to be exact, just ridiculous.


The dude can still fly! But let’s remember that once upon a time (2001 to be exact), Vick ran a 4.33 at the combine before being named the number one pick of that year’s draft. As for the other athlete participating this year? Let’s just say Jerry ‘the GOAT’ Rice has lost a step…


Mike, there are a couple of quarterback needy teams in the league right now. Maybe consider a comeback?