PICK 6IX recently teamed up with TSN’s Cabbie Richards and Much’s Tyrone Edwards to bring you exclusive content and interviews from the hottest athletes and celebrities in a social media series called ‘6IX DEGREES’.

On the most recent episode of the web series, Cabbie and Tyrone were joined by Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic who helped them settle a debate from the very first episode as he gave his opinion on whether or not Kobe Bryant winning an Oscar is bigger than winning an NBA title, discussed whether or not championships are the defining factor in measuring an athlete’s greatness, and what modern day reboot they’d like to see of an older series or movie.

They also talked about custom basketball shoes and the co-hosts discovered that the world’s No. 22 ranked men’s tennis player has his very own custom basketball shoe that were made for him specifically for the 2016 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in Toronto…which he dunked in.

6IX Degrees featuring Milos Raonic