The crash happened more than a week ago, but it’s impact is still being felt across Canada and beyond. The tragic bus crash that took out the Humboldt Broncos team vehicle, resulting in the deaths of 16 players and team staff, has left a deep gash in the hockey world’s heart. While the pain families and friends of the Broncos organization are feeling, the response has been a world class showing of empathy from just about everyone that’s heard of it.

The impact cuts Canada deep, but the country’s North American neighbours from the South have also responded to the accident with a great showing of support. On Sunday, ahead of Game 3 from the Winnipeg Jets and the Minnesota Wild, the Minneapolis crowd saw a classy tribute from the Wild organization.



Minnesota considers itself the State of Hockey, and playing against a Jets team that was close to the incident made for the classy gesture.


(H/T Twitter/Minnesota Wild)