In case you missed it yesterday, Mitch Marner joined in on Connor McDavid’s fun by having his airport photo turned into a meme by the hockey world.

Marner’s picture didn’t look nearly as uncomfortable as McDavid’s but he had a look on his face that just screams “Come on, man”, giving the internet a perfect picture to caption. Here’s the photo in case you missed it.

The meme kind of went in two directions. There were Leafs fans turning it into a joke about how despite an incredible season and performance at the IIHF Worlds, William Nylander has turned into the story lately, whereas other hockey fans turned it into something about how young he looks.

Well, as you can see in the video above at about the 7:05 mark, Andi Petrillo, Host of TSN 1050’s Leafs Lunch, asked Marner about the picture and if he’s seen any of the memes. This was his response:


“Ya, I’ve seen a couple of them, it’s a tough photo. I mean, I was up for 48 hours straight or something like that. So I mean, got asked to get a photo of me walking out of the airport and I just – I had a broken tooth, so I didn’t want to show that either. I just tried to do the best I could, but it’s been pretty funny.


I’ve seen a lot of them – it’s a pretty big thing in our household right now, my parents and my brother are enjoying it. The Internet seems to be enjoying it as well. It’s pretty funny to see what people come up with, they’ve creative minds out there, but yea, 48 hours without sleep, a chipped tooth which I didn’t want to show off either, so I just tried to do the best I could.”

That sounds brutal. There aren't many people grumpier than someone who just got off a long flight, so combining that with a broken tooth, 48 hours of no sleep and then having to snap a photo, a picture of us would have been much worse. Big ups to Marner for being a good sport about it all. It’s also amazing that his family loves the photo. We have to assume this one is their favourite.