Everyone is handling the practice of social-distancing different from each other, but thanks to technology we’re still able to interact with one another and even see each other through video calls and messages.

Instagram Live is being used more than ever with a majority of the world in self-isolation and Arkells are putting their account to great use on a daily basis with their Flatten The Curve Music Class.

While Max Kerman and the guys teach the audience how to play songs and even play songs for the audience, they also bring on some guests to help them out and to chat with. On Thursday, they were joined by Maple Leafs defenceman Tyson Barrie who discussed some workouts.

And on Friday, it was Mitch Marner, who joined Max and shared some of the board games he’s been playing to stay occupied.

Arkells have been doing a lot to raise awareness through their accounts and they’ve also been helping thousands of people get through this confusing time with music, laughs and love.

(H/T Twitter/arkellsmusic)