Bartolo Colon is one of the most interesting stories in all of baseball. At the age of 42, Colon hit his first home run and put up another sub-4.00 ERA with close to 200 innings last season.

However, that still wasn’t enough.

He has returned for another season – this year, in an Atlanta Braves uniform. There is perhaps no bigger name than “Big Sexy” in baseball, so it’s fitting that the MLB created a trailer for his arrival in Bartlanta.

We’re not sure if would get Oscar buzz, as their tweet suggests, but we would definitely be interested in a full movie about Colon. Seriously, if John Scott’s All-Star story is getting a movie made, there has to be a trilogy to made out of Bartolo’s career.

We’ll let you know when the script comes out.


Who should play John Scott in his movie? (📷: @jhs_32)

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