The Manitoba Moose hosted the Milwaukee Admirals in AHL action on Wednesday night and fans in attendance were treated to more than just a hockey game.

Not only did the home team pick up a big 6-3 victory over the visitors on Wednesday, but the game ended with some rough stuff as a line brawl broke out and it was followed up by a goalie fight.

After a bunch of fights broke out in front of them on the ice, Manitoba’s Jamie Phillips and Milwaukee’s Anders Lindback decided to get in on the fun and decided to drop the gloves as well.

Both Lindback and Phillips were issued 17 penalty minutes on the play and combined for 34 of the 76 penalty minutes that were handed out once the final buzzer went off.

The two teams combined for 16 penalty minutes up to that point, but clearly they had enough of each other by the end of the night.

The Admirals and the Moose will meet one more time this season next month in Milwaukee and it should be a rough one.

(H/T Twitter/danielwpg55)