We here at BarDown love a good hockey celebration.

While individual cellys are certainly fun and all, the ones we appreciate the most is when an entire team is involved.

Whenever they involve another sport, though, we have to stop and admire the creativeness.

Thanks to the Maryland Black Bears of the North American Hockey League, a Tier II Junior Hockey League in the United States, we have one of the better team cellys we've seen to date.

After beating the Jamestown Rebels 2-1 in overtime on Saturday night, the team's leader in helpers, Matteo Menotti, set his teammates up at centre-ice as if they were a bunch of bowling pins and fired a strike and knocked them all over.

Well done, Black Bears, well done. Perhaps the source of their inspiration came from the Philadelphia Eagles, who whipped out a similar celebration last year when they found the back of the end zone.

Now if only the Carolina Hurricanes would take note and follow suit the next time they land in the win column.

(h/t Maryland Black Bears)