The city of angels is set to be met for the roar of 20+ engines next February, as the NASCAR Cup Series is set for an almighty battle for the “Clash at the Coliseum!”

In the season’s preliminary race to kick start a new NextGen era, NASCAR heads to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for some short-track racing on a temporary quarter-mile racetrack. The venue has hosted some historic sports events in the past including the first Super Bowl and now currently plays host to the USC Trojans for their home football games with the capacity set at a whopping 78,467 people. Of course this race is not for points and is all about going for the trophy so we're expecting tempers to flare with the classic bump and run very much in play.

This is a massive shift for the sport as this race is traditionally hosted at Daytona International Speedway and fans are obviously very excited for this new spectacle, but are also drawing comparisons to the first Disney Pixar movie, Cars.

All we know is, we couldn’t be more pumped to see this in action.