During the Colorado Avalanche’s playoff run, Nazem Kadri played with special tributes to Kobe and Gigi Bryant written on his skates.

With the reveal coming courtesy of his cat @jazzykadri on Instagram (yep, you read that correctly), Kadri's skates had Kobe and Gigi's names written on one side, as well as Kobe's No. 24 and 8 numbers on the other.



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Kadri turned in a strong playoff stretch for the Avs, finishing with nine goals and nine assists across 15 games and a second-round finish.

While we saw more tributes to the Mamba over in the NBA playoffs, as to be expected, Bryant’s passing was clearly felt throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs as well. The loss of a giant like Kobe is going to be felt in any sport, and Mathieu Joseph went as far as to rock Kobe’s jersey at the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Stanley Cup celebration.

h/t Instagram/jazzykadri