Sports are one of the few things that connect people all over the world, whether it be through playing a sport, cheering for a team, or watching a sport.

Playing sports from a young age also teaches kids valuable lessons like how to be a leader, how to be part of a team, how to deal with wins and losses, and much more.

Those lessons last a lifetime and apply to so many other things outside of the sports world.  Unfortunately, not every child has an opportunity to play sports growing up.

NBA Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo did have the opportunity to play soccer as a kid, and he told an interesting story as to why he wanted to play soccer growing up.



NBA Hall of Famer #DikembeMutombo explains why he wanted to play sports as a kid. . @flipgive

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Mutombo has teamed up with FlipGive in order to combat the rising costs of youth sports across North America and help give every child the opportunity to play sports and learn those valuable lessons that last a lifetime.


Mutombo teaming up with FlipGive is absolutely incredible and it shows how much giving kids the opportunity to play sports means to him.

If you want to learn more about FlipGive and show your support, visit


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