There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a text while you’re at a baseball game that you were on TV and not knowing when or what you were doing at the time.

It’s especially annoying if they didn’t save the clip, because you’ll never know what you were doing on TV. Just think about the classic Seinfeld episode with George Constanza getting caught with ice cream on his face, it must have killed that fictional character to not be able to see the video.

Well, an app that has partnered with the MLB, 15 Seconds of Fame, has solved that problem.

If you’re at a baseball game, and you’re not sure if you were on TV, you can take a selfie, upload it to the app and it will find out if you were on TV at the baseball game. Apparently it works for the jumbo tron as well.

Embedded Image

Embedded Image

Here’s the full description from the Apple store:


“15 Seconds of Fame ("15SOF") delivers never before available personalized video moments from live events directly to your smartphone. Have you ever wanted your epic moment captured on the Jumbotron? Have you ever wondered if you were caught on camera at a concert, campus event, parade, sporting event, or television show taping? Wonder no more! 15 SOF is the newest and most advanced social media app.

Now there is a way to capture, preserve, and share these memories. Simply register, take a selfie, and we will deliver your 15 Seconds of Fame directly to your phone.”

Realistically, it’s incredible that this is even possible.

Never forget that we live in the future.