From down under, to up and over...this hockey clip from New Zealand is an early favourite for top non-NHL highlight of the year.

For those unfamiliar with the New Zealand Ice Hockey League, there are two things you should know about it. First, those involved with the league are some of the most passionate puck fans on the planet. Second, every single time we've written about a play from the league (our past posts were featured on BarDown 1.0), the highlight has been extremely entertaining. Sunday, the Southern Stampede took on the Dunedin Thunder in a round robin game. During the second period Stampede captain Matt Schneider attempted to send Tristan Darling into the birds with a huge check, but instead up going through the glass and outta the rink. 


Not since the days of Dean Portman and Fulton Reed have we seen a play that ended with a player smashing through the glass and into the crowd. Schneider was also given a game misconduct later in the contest for a check to the head and neck area, so perhaps he's the real third Bash Brother. Sorry Kenny Wu.

Thanks to our friends at Puck Yeah! Podcast for sharing!