Getting drafted into the NFL means getting drafted into a new life. Sure, you’ll still have a central focus on all things football, but your world breaks wide open to new teammates, coaches, cities, fans, and experiences.

Apparently that includes reaching your hand into a mystery box to see if you can guess what’s inside.

In a recent video posted by the NFL’s fun account, The Checkdown, high-profile rookies drafted into the NFL were asked to participate in a little game. The game, of course, was pretty much solely for the benefit of the fans watching. The players themselves were a little uncomfortable to say the least…

Ja’Marr Chase straight up eats the fruit. That is a bold move considering the possibility that there may have been other people’s hands in there.

Can we also just talk about how Patrick Surtain II was guessing animals while everyone else was guessing food?

(H/T The Checkdown, Kylie Callura)