The NHL Playoffs are creeping ever closer, and for us at BarDown, that means it’s sim season. Every year, people simulate the NHL playoffs in the latest NHL video game, and more often than not, the result is fairly inaccurate. 

So this time, we’re not just running a normal sim. We’re trying our hand at a trend called NHL Imperialism.

So how does this work? All 32 teams are in contention at the start. A spinner randomly selects a team, and another spinner will determine which direction that team will go to face their opponent. Those two teams will face off in a simulated game of NHL24 with the loser of the match being eliminated. As for the winner, they will take over the losing team’s territory in hopes of being the last team standing. 

For our edition of NHL Imperialism, we added a small twist. In addition to taking a bigger hold of the map, the winning team will also acquire an NHL legend from that team. For example, if the Los Angeles Kings were to defeat the Vancouver Canucks, they would take over British Columbia, and also add Roberto Luongo to their roster.



To no surprise, Luca put his prediction behind the Colorado Avalanche to win it all. However, Marissa made a surprise selection in the Vancouver Canucks. Who do you think will win the Legends edition of NHL Imperialism?