Charlie McAvoy is feeling grateful after finding out what EA Sports slapped him with for his NHL 19 rating.

The company has gone on a spree over the past couple of days, slowly but surely revealing the majority of the league’s players. After discovering he received an 85 in his player card, McAvoy was more concerned about what his hair looked like in the game rather than the rating itself.


The guy does have some pretty sick flow.


Must be nice!

Whereas McAvoy’s hair was designed pretty accurately by the game, fans seemed to think EA dropped the ball on Patrik Laine’s beard. Was it really this nice?!


At just 20 years of age, McAvoy should be more than happy with both his rating, and the flow that the generous graphic designers at EA decided to give him. It’s just too bad they left his beard out of the equation.


(H/T Charlie McAvoy)