Nick Kyrgios has never been one to hold back from speaking his mind, and guess what?! This past week proved to be no exception!

The Australian made headlines after he ripped Alexander Zverev, and he had plenty of good reason to go after him. Zverev participated in the Adria Tour exhibition where coronavirus spread like wildfire and after testing negative, the German insisted he would self-isolate for two weeks.

Makes sense, right? Right?!?!

Well, things didn't go as planned. Zverev was seen partying and surprise, surprise! It didn't sit well with Kyrgios. Here's what he had to say:


Tell us how ya' really feel, Nick!

Things then escalated. Former number one and now retired German tennis star Boris Becker proceeded to call Kyrgios a rat, and that obviously did not sit well with the latter. Kyrgios went on to call Becker a doughnut...


Yeah... probably not the best idea to mess with Kyrgios online. Tough to argue with the points he made, though.

(H/T Jose Morgado)