While Raptors loyalists are fairly heartbroken following a Game Five loss that could have won them a title, fans of the Warriors and Raptors alike can agree on one thing. 

Everyone is feeling for Kevin Durant

After his long-awaited and highly anticipated return to the lineup for the NBA finals finally came to fruition for the fifth game of the series, Kevin Durant went down in in obvious pain during the second quarter.



Everyone who understands the intensity of sports has to feel for the back-to-back MVP, and following the loss, Raptors coach Nick Nurse sung Durant’s praises.  Nurse was almost emotional when speaking about his injury, speaking to Durant's character for attempting to play despite not being fully healthy, and about how much he genuinely enjoys watching him play. 



Even though it’s a highly emotional game, it’s good to see that at the root of it all there is still a brotherhood, and everyone is rooting for KD’s quick recovery.