After winning back to back Stanley Cups the star of the post game celebration was born. Nikita Kucherov was an absolute menace in his postgame interviews calling out Habs fans and those who voted for NHL awards as well.

That press conference was one of the best of all time from an NHL player and it was even better as he was slugging beers while he was answering the press. He also partied hard when the team hit the streets.

Kuch is simply living his best life and he continued to add on to the troll job by signing this hat with a special message which many fans had thrown towards the Lightning as to why it was "unfair" they they won the cup, their salary cap.

Because Kucherov was on LTIR his cap didn’t count towards the team which allowed them to make trades for players to bolster their roster. Kuch then joined the team in the post season absolutely tearing it up.

He clearly doesn’t seem to mind.

(H/T u/STLbooze, Reddit)