What a strange playoffs it has been. 


- The Blue Jackets, who clinched in Game 81 of the season, swept a team that put up one of the best seasons all-time

- The Islanders, who lost their franchise player at the beginning of the year, eliminated a team with multiple franchise players in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin

- There is a real chance that all four Wild Card teams may advance. 

- There is no favourite that is currently winning or has won their series, with the exception of the Isles who many considered underdogs in their series (certainly not sweep candidates...)


The Colorado Avalanche got into the playoffs with the lowest point total of all. In fact, their point total was lower than the Montreal Canadiens, who didn't make the postseason. 


The Avs certainly didn't look like the #8 seed in their series against the Calgary Flames. In fact, they won it quite handily 4-1. Afterwards, bruiser Avs' D-man Nikita Zadorov had a pretty huge underdog flex. 

This wasn't just a flex for the Avs, underdogs across the playoffs felt a little boost from that one. Luckily for those that, in fact, didn't have a very good bracket... 

... The NHL is allowing a bracket redo for the first time ever. Yup, it's been that wild.