There’s an unwritten rule in hockey. If a bigger players goes after a smaller opponent, then a teammate of the latter’s is expected to stand up for buddy and settle things with the bigger instigator. There was no exception to this rule between the Jets and Canucks on Sunday night and it’s safe to say 5’9 Nils Hoglander was feeling pretty good about himself after his defenceman Zack MacEwen dropped the mitts with Derek Forbort.

Like, really good about himself.

Let’s flash back to Friday when Forbort took a run at Hoglander late in the third period of the Jets’ 2-0 win. ‘Nucks fans reemed the Jets defenceman out on Twitter and it took just two minutes and 30 seconds for MacEwen to take care of business. He appeared to get the better of Forbort and it’s safe to say Nils was happy with the result.


Hey,  gotta do what you gotta do to protect the young guys! And to give you a little context from their the initial incident…


That got ugly!

The fight was a nice spark for Vancouver, who scored two straight goals to open up the scoring but it wasn’t long-lived. Winnipeg went on to score three straight and ultimately won an overtime on Pierre-Luc Dubois’s second of the game. All in all, this was a wild one.


Nils, you didn’t get the W pal but at least you know your buddies have your back. What a game.