It’s almost time we find out whether John Tavares will be donning a new jersey next fall. The longtime New York Islanders captain is apparently hearing out five teams before making the decision to stay or go. With the hiring of Barry Trotz and Lou Lamoriello likely helping the Isles’ cause for Tavares, one local wants to add the cherry on top. Or, more appropriately, the cream cheese on the bagel.

Bagel Boss owner Donald Rosner has decided to reach out to JT with a very generous offer. He’s offering to hand-deliver fresh bagels from his shop every day. For the rest of the season? For the rest of his contract? Nope. For the rest of his life.


Bagel Boss has 13 locations, but Rosner’s is right on Long Island. To make things even more enticing, he’s also mentioned to fans that he will offer a Tavares signing discount to those that stroll into his shop and mention it.


It’s even got its own hashtag going around, so if you want a well-fed Tavares to stay on the island make sure you tag your tweets with #bagelsfor91