Apparently, it’s the New York Saints, not New York Islanders who are living in Boston Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy’s head rent-free.

Let us explain.

Cassidy went on a lengthy rant about his round two adversary about how they’re not as innocent as they make themselves out to be, after they were awarded just two penalties to the Bruins’ four in Game five. The rant got so animated that he went as far as calling the Isles the ‘New York Saints’, and guess what?! There’s actually a team called the New York Saints!!!!

Okay, so they were actually a lacrosse team but former goaltender Sal LoCascio still felt the need to fire back with a comment of his own and he didn’t hold back… at all.


Don’t you just love to see athletes on different teams from the same city back each other? As for the original Cassidy comments…


The Isles capitalized on three out of the four power-plays and ultimately came away with a 5-4 victory, while Cassidy was fined $25,000 for his comments. Game 6 is tonight so we’ll have to see if the bench boss’s comments impact the way the ‘bout is called.

(H/T Neil Best)