Over the last few days, you've likely seen some highlights from the KHL's All-Star weekend, which in our opinion is the best in hockey.

Each and every year the players embrace being in the spotlight, they have a ton of fun and always get creative with what they do, whether it be moves or outfits.


One of the best moments from the weekend happened during the skills competition, courtesy of New York Rangers prospect Igor Shestyorkin.

During what looked like a competition in which two players try to come down and score as many goals as they can on the helpless goalie, Shestyorkin decided to pull a David Leggio and make sure nobody could score.

For those that don't know what Leggio did, here's what we were talking about.


Clearly Shestyorkin took it a step further by turning the net and laying on it, but his creativity earned his team a victory in that event.

Plus, it's also a great GIF.

(H/T: Alex Nunn)