The Edmonton Oilers secured their biggest win of the season last night against the Vegas Golden Knights and they also may have found a new leader for their fan base.

During the broadcast, one fan appeared on TV rocking a bandana and McDavid jersey and fans couldn’t get enough of him. You may remember a similar story from the playoffs last year where Jason Maslakow (Dart Guy) became a symbol of hope for Leafs fans across the country. Well, the Oilers have been struggling of late and it appears as if “Willie McNelson” has taken the Oilers fan base by storm.


So far, Willie McNelson (Not his real name) has reached the top of Oilers Reddit, been tweeted out by the Oilers Twitter account and, according to some, turned the Oilers season around.

This guy should have been 1st star tonight from EdmontonOilers

If there ever becomes a real Leafs vs. Oilers rivalry, it will be interesting to see these two mega fans on either side of the team.