Winter time in Canada can be a pretty tough few months unless you happen to live along the coast of British Columbia where it rains instead of snowing for most of the year.

While some people chose to stay inside and catch up on the latest Netflix seasons, others chose to brave the wintery elements and head to the closest outdoor rink or pond in their neighbourhood.

Every year in the NHL, the league put on outdoor games in the form of the Winter Classic, Heritage Classic, or Stadium Series games.

While the luster of those games has been lost over the years, there’s still something magical about seeing NHL players or teams practice on an outdoor rink.

Just recently, Oilers youngster Jesse Puljujarvi was shown spending time during the Oilers bye week skating with a couple kids in Edmonton.


Back in the old days when indoor rinks weren’t as prevalent as they are now for a number of reasons, teams practiced outside on the regular.

Thanks to Reddit User "PsychedelicShotguns" for pointing out a video from YouTube user "VideoButch1", we have footage of the 1925-26 Montreal Canadiens playing hockey outdoors.

The way goaltenders used their sticks and handle the puck was something else that must've forced teams to dump the puck differently back then. Look how the 'tendys just leaned on the stick! That's probably where Ken Dryden got the idea.

Such simpler days back then.

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(h/t Reddit Hockey)