Social distancing is hitting everybody is a very unique way. Some are using the time to improve skills like playing a musical instrument. Others are using it to venture into an area they had though of for years, like creating a makeup tutorial series. Others are simply happy binge-watching the latest season of Ozark, like this BarDown staff writer.

Apparently for Oliver Ekman-Larsson, horseback riding is the route he’s chosen to take.




Social distancing with my best friend. :horse: #yeezysandhorsies

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Don’t worry, our first reaction was also “this must be Photoshopped”. Well, according to OEL, it’s not.

Ekman-Larsson discussed this picture while on a group chat with other Pacific Division captains. He explains that a lot of people have wondered if it was fake, but that it actually is real. He claims he has a video that he’s going to post to prove it.

We’ll believe it when we see it, but we REALLY hope it’s real.

(via Instagram/Oliver Ekman-Larsson)