If you've ever played organized sports, chances are you've either been part of a prank or pranked by your teammates.  Obviously being on the recieveing end of a prank isn't the most enjoyable thing in the world, but usually you can just laugh it off and enjoy it as much as the people pranking you.

The great thing about pranks is you're never too old for them and we see examples of that in sports all the time when teammates play pranks on one another.  It seems to happen in hockey quite a bit (we're looking at you Fleury) and the latest prank came from Oliver Ekman-Larsson who filled John Klingberg's hotel room with 1400 balloons.


The two defenceman are teammates for Sweden at the World Hockey Championship in Slovakia and wow that's a lot of balloons.  For kids, that would be a paradise.  For Klingberg, it probably the opposite.


You can only pull these pranks on people and teammates your closest to and we're intrigued by the prospect of Klingberg getting his revenge before the tournament comes to an end, which figures to be in a little while for Sweden based on how they've played thus far.

WHC: Norway 1, Sweden 9

(H/T: /r/hockey)