Rachel Homan has helped launch Canada’s Women’s Curling team back into playoff contention at the 2018 Winter Olympics and her husband is having fun watching.

Shawn Germain, who actually played hockey in the ECHL, is in attendance to watch his wife compete and while it was late last night when Homan started competing in Canada, it was 9am in Korea. That didn’t stop Germain from having a good time watching, because according to reporters, he was double fisting beers throughout the competition.

If you’re not familiar, with the curling community, you should know that they are some of the biggest partiers in sports, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Shawn was embracing that mentality.

Whatever he’s doing in PyeongChang, he should keep doing it. It’s been working for Homan and her team for the past three matches and hopefully they can continue this run after a rough start to their 2018 Olympic Games. It’s going to be tough from here on out where they will be competing with Phil Kessels instead of rocks.