While sports video games are a ton of fun to play, a lot of athletes enjoy playing other games like 'Call Of Duty' for example.


In fact, athletes like Conor McGregor and Michael Phelps have even starred in the trailer for the game and in the actual game.


Speaking of athletes starring in games that have nothing to do with sports, Overwatch's Summer Games 2017 Event has begun and there are new skins, intros, voice lines, and more for gamers to enjoy.

One voice line in particular, though, caught the attention of the hockey world and it's one that the majority of hockey fans know and love.

Yes, arguably Ilya Bryzgalov's most popular soundbite is now a voice line in Overwatch.

Whoever decided to put the line in the game clearly knows their stuff as Zarya, the character that uses the line, is Russian like Bryz.

Although the voice line has to be unlocked with credits, we imagine hockey fans will do whatever they can to get it.

Hopefully the voice line stays in the game when the Summer Games 2017 event is over on August 29th.

(H/T: SB Nation)