The NHL’s move to Seattle has been rumoured for years and with the recent moves that have made that a real possibility, people are now searching for more clues about the team’s move.

Clark Rasmussen of DetroitHockey.Net checked in on some domain name registrations and found a commonality between several names. He can’t be sure that they are name possibilities, but because they were registered by someone with a link to the NHL group that is planning to make a bid for a Seattle team, speculation has run wild.

The 13 team names suggested were:

Seattle Cougars
Seattle Eagles
Seattle Emeralds
Seattle Evergreens
Seattle Firebirds
Seattle Kraken
Seattle Rainiers
Seattle Renegades
Seattle Sea Lions
Seattle Seals
Seattle Sockeyes
Seattle Totems
Seattle Whales

Of those teams, there is obviously more excitement about some of the names than others. If there is one that has stood out above the rest, it would have to be the Seattle Kraken. Not only did the name become the top comment in the Reddit thread regarding this news and SportsLogos.Net’s poll, but several people shared out their support.