There’s nothing like coming across a good concept jersey.

Often we see artists mock up their own twist on a regular jersey but things get even more interesting when he/she combines concepts from two different sports. Ferry_Designs did just that when they made a jersey for every NFL team. Each one turned out pretty great if we’re being honest but one in particular should stand out to hockey fans. How about that Chiefs one on the bottom left?



Which of these NFL hockey jerseys is your favourite 🤔? . (H/T Ferry_Designs/Twitter)

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That’ll certainly do the trick if you’re looking for a new beer league jersey!

Funny enough, a separate artist took the opposite approach and decided to design a few hockey inspired football jerseys. They didn’t turn out too bad either!


And finally, if you were hoping to see hockey combined with some other sport then you’re in luck. Check out these baseball inspired hockey jerseys that were also mocked up by Ferry_Designs. The Jays jersey wouldn’t look too bad on the ice if you had to ask us.


The big four really just need to get together already and come up with some jerseys for their players to actually wear. Think of the possibilities!

(H/T Ferry_Designs)