Love is in their air, unfortunately. We’re just kidding but you have to agree that Valentines day isn’t that special for everybody in the world. With that said, positivity is key!

With February 14 right around the corner, we thought it was only right to say one thing we absolutely love about every NHL team in the Canadian division.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Offense. The Leafs are stacked with talent up front. Luckily for them, four players in their top six were drafted in the first round.

Ottawa Senators

A fresh start. For the last three seasons, the Sens have either finished last or second last in the NHL. This past off-season they finally were aggressive with adding new talent to their roster. Even though they're having a rough start to the season, their skill and competitive level has definitely improved from previous years. With the right amount of time and patience they’ll be playoff contenders again. Plenty to look forward to!

Montreal Canadiens

Speed. Their best chances are created by speed and they use it to their advantage to get out of bad situations.

Winnipeg Jets

Four line threat. The Jets forward depth is the highest it has probably ever been. In their last 13 games, their fourth line has 18 points combined! It’s great that they have the option to roll through them all without many worries.

Edmonton Oilers

Connor McDavid, for obvious reasons. Everything from the way he controls the puck to his highlight reel moments. It all points to him potentially being the best player in the NHL. What’s not to love?

Calgary Flames

Jacob Markstrom. He’s been solid in net and has kept the Flames in the game numerous times. They should think about giving some flowers to Vancouver to say thank you this Valentines day.

Vancouver Canucks

Their top line. Despite the Canucks struggles to start the season, the Canuck's first line is still producing goals efficiently. Brock Boeser is at the top of the Canadian division at second in goals.

Happy Valentines Day, everybody!