Like the subway in Toronto, the Metro in Washington is how people get around the city and on Saturday night, it's how fans will be getting to the arena to watch Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Normally, players don't take forms of public transportation to the arena, especially when they're in the Stanley Cup Final, but a couple of Capitals players were spotted taking the Metro to the arena for Game 3.

A Caps fan by the name of Sarahi Cahill sent the website 'Russian Machine Never Breaks' a couple of pictures with both players that she took on the Metro.

Sarahi Cahill/Russian Machine Never Breaks
Sarahi Cahill/Russian Machine Never Breaks

You rarely see hockey players taking the Metro or subway to a playoff game, let alone a Stanley Cup Final game, but Niskanen and Oshie did just that and it made for an awesome moment to say the least.

(H/T: Russian Machine Never Breaks)