Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin is continuously making his case for being the most loved player in hockey.

The 32-year-old has won the hearts of hockey fans with his unparalleled finish and impeccable smile, and on Friday, ‘Ovy’ added to his impressive resume. According to an Edmonton-based restaurant called The Sequel Café, the Russian superstar took off his coat and gave it to a homeless man that he saw on the street.

Ovechkin’s wife Nastya later posted a conversation on her Instagram story that confirmed the news.

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Nastya Ovechkina/Instagram

Here is a translation of the conversation:

The following is a translation from Russian Machine Never Breaks:

Alex Ovechkin: “Sweetie, I just bought a bum a hat, sweater, and a warm coat.”

Nastya Ovechkina: “A bum?”

Alex Ovechkin: “Yeah, it’s really cold here. And he didn’t have any clothing. I felt really sorry for him.”

Nastya Ovechkina: “Good job.”

As if the jacket wasn’t enough, the Capitals' captain felt the need to buy the man a sweater and coat, too. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Ovechkin can at times be a bit much to handle, as his ‘over confidence’ may rub the odd person the wrong way. To all of the haters, just remember that there’s more to the hockey player than his impeccable scoring ability. The man clearly has a heart of gold.

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Patrick Smith/Getty Images

(H/T Russian Machine Never Breaks)