When Alexander Ovechkin isn't scoring goals for the Capitals and helping them win, he's delivering pizzas for Papa Johns.

Ovechkin partnered with the pizza company in 2016, and a hilarious commercial came out of the partnership.


Friday, Ovechkin showcased he was much better at delivering pizzas than he was in his commercial as he surprised fans on their doorsteps.



We made our own #TradeDeadline acquisition, meet our newest delivery boy, @aleksandrovechkinofficial! @capitals

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Pizza is here!!! driving around to customers )))) Order Ovi Wish and maybe i come to u!! @papajohns_dmv

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Surprise! #PizzasHere from @aleksandrovechkinofficial

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Aside from delivering pizzas, Ovechkin helped make some, too.

As popular as Ovi is in Washington, not everyone recognized him during his time as a delivery boy.

We imagine everyone will know who Ovi is Saturday night as he gets back to doing what he does best, playing hockey, as the Capitals face the Flyers.

(H/T: Alexander Ovechkin)