It's a great time to be a Capitals fan.

Not only did they finally get past the second round of the playoffs, but they finally beat the Penguins and they did without some of their top players for the final game of the series.

While we don't know if Nicklas Backstrom will be back for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final against Tampa Bay Friday night, we do know that the Capitals will be getting Tom Wilson back.

On Wednesday, Alex Ovechkin answered questions about Wilson returning and at one point, someone asked him about the smile he had when talking about his return, to which he responded with this:

Ovechkin always seems to be happy and energetic, but his happiness has notably increased since winning that series against the Penguins.

The future Hall of Famer has never been in a Conference Final before and out of all the players that could win their first Cup this year, he might be the fan favourite to finally accomplish that goal.

(H/T: NBC Sports Capitals)