Ovi is known for how hard he can hit a puck with a hockey stick, and it often results in a rubber-to-mesh connection and a Capitals team celebrating. He makes a living off it, and has solidified his place in hockey history as a legend because of it.

His shot IS who he is… so a measly golf ball doesn’t stand a chance, right?

Not quite. In a funny video taken during the Capitals’ 4th annual “Wish Upon a Par” event, Ovi was seen taking a hack at a golf ball. Unfortunately for the Great 8, it didn’t quite leave the club with the same velocity as a puck from his stick. In fact, he completely whiffed and left the ball sitting there on the tee.




Swing and a miss. Stick to hockey, Ovi. 😂 @bardown . (🎥: Twitter/@capitals)

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Maybe pull a Happy Gilmore and break out the hockey stick? We’re pretty sure you won’t be missing the ball with that!

Either way, we’re still going to assume Ovi could outdrive us when he actually makes clean connection. The guy has an absolute cannon of a swing on the ice, after all.

Also, never forget about his hole-in-one


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