There has been a lot of reaction around the NBA as one of the biggest trades in recent history sent DeMar DeRozan to the Spurs, and even athletes from other sports are starting to chime in.

We’ve seen Marcus Stroman and several other athletes react, but the first NHL player to react is P.K. Subban and he seems to have vested interest in the trade. Subban thanked DeRozan for his time in Toronto, but now he’s looking forward to the future and he wants Kawhi Leonard to stay for a long time.

Leonard’s contract is up next summer and according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, he has already expressed that he does not want to play in Toronto.

A lot of people are using Paul George as a reference for what  could happen in Toronto. He had expressed interest in going to the Lakers, but after being traded to the Thunder he wound up liking it there and chose to stay. With the city’s growing popularity, is it possible that Kawhi ends up staying in Toronto long term?